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Activated carbon physical activation and chemical activation method
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By the way of making points, can be divided into active carbon by chemical method (chemical carbon)

The carbon containing material mixed with certain chemicals after heat treatment, preparation of activated carbon is called chemical method. The production of activated carbon by chemical method is also known as the active carbon by chemical method or chemical carbon.Can be used as chemical chemical method also known as activating agent, activating agentwith zinc chloride, calcium chloride, potassium carbonate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate,potassium phosphate, sulfuric acid, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, boric acid, etc.,

Generally speaking, the chemical carbon microporous, mesoporous pore in time (i.e., hole diameter or hole width greater than 1.5 nm pore) is developed, mainly used for liquid phaseadsorption refining and solvent recovery of gas (steam) adsorption. Chemical method of manufacturing activated carbon due to the addition of chemical potential influence of tracenon raw material into elements attached great importance to environmental protection andproduct should be in the process of manufacturing problems.

Activated carbon physical method

Using carbon as raw material, carbon dioxide, water vapor and air (mainly oxygen) or their mixture (flue gas) as the activation medium, at high temperature (600 ~ 1000 ℃) method forpreparing activated carbon is called physical method. Activated carbon physical preparationcalled activated carbon physical method, also known as physical carbon. The general saidmicroporous to physical carbon (hole diameter or hole width less than 1.5 nm pore)developed, mainly used for gas phase adsorption occasions or small molecule liquid phase adsorption.

Chemical, physical or physical - chemical method of activated carbon

Combination of different raw materials and by chemical method and physical method of different pore structure of activated carbon can be adjusted, thereby producing manydifferent properties of activated carbon. This chemical, physical or physical - chemical methodis activated carbon preparation method for many years and quite a long period in the futureworld of activated carbon worker pays close attention to very much.

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