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Wire mesh demister
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Performance characteristics and uses
    Encountered gas in the usual chemical operations in dispersed droplets of diameter 0.1-like particle size 100μm particles larger than the settling velocity faster, the separation problem is easy to solve. Usually larger in diameter than the liquid droplet of 50 μm, available gravity sedimentation separation; the droplets the inertial impaction available and centrifugal separation method; For smaller fine mist will have managed to aggregate to form larger particles, or more than 5 μm fiber filter and electrostatic defogger.
    The Mesh In addition demister, also known as the mist, mist catcher, mainly used for the separation of droplets of diameter greater than 3μm-5μm. When the inertia, the use of liquid foam and filaments with a liquid foam rise collision and adhesion on the surface of the filaments. The filaments on the surface of liquid foam further diffusion and liquid foam itself gravity sedimentation, the formation of larger droplets so that the liquid foam stream along the filament to its interleaver at. Due to the filaments of a wettable, liquid surface tension and capillary action of the filaments, so that the droplets growing, until its own weight exceeds the gas rises, the buoyancy force and liquid surface tension, it is separated and whereabouts flow to the vessel downstream equipment. As long as the operating gas velocity conditions appropriate gas by screen demister after addition to the foam efficiency up to 97% or more, can achieve the purpose of removing mist.

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