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Green ceramic honeycomb
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Honeycomb ceramic regenerator is the key and core components of the regenerative high temperature combustion technology (HTAC). Regenerative high temperature combustion Technology (HTAC Technical) is a new concept of combustion technology, the recovery of waste heat and efficient combustion and reduce NOX emissions technology combine to reduce NOX emissions in order to achieve the ultimate energy saving and limit dual purpose. Honeycomb ceramic regenerator has been widely used in the metallurgical machinery industry in a variety of push-type furnace, reheating furnace, heat treatment furnace, casting furnace, melting furnace, ladle / tundish baking, soaking furnace, radiant tube various tube furnace, cracking furnace burner, bell furnace, hot blast furnace; building materials industry, ceramic kilns, glass furnaces, petrochemical industry and other industrial furnaces.
    Honeycomb ceramic has a low thermal expansion coefficient, large surface area, good thermal stability, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Heat and fast, high thermal efficiency. For the heat exchange process, has been widely used in many industrial production.
    Catalyst support: reducing the oxidation of organic matter temperature, purification of industrial emissions, vehicle emissions
    Change of medium: 12% for the heat exchange process, the heat storage element can be saving
    Refractory kiln furniture: mass / volume ratio is small, heat and fast, high thermal efficiency
    Combustion of gas distribution board: to promote complete combustion, energy saving of 10%

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