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Vertical sieve tray
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VST-oriented tray is three-dimensional and mass efficient separation trays with high mass transfer efficiency, processing capacity, reduce resistance, anti-blocking, operating flexibility and easy maintenance, etc., is the most outstanding today's plate tower towerboard one. Terms of structure, compared with the traditional blister, sieve trays, valve trays, tray downcomer system is no different, the difference lies in the structure of the mass transfer zone. VST oriented trays main structural features with vertical cap around the cap sidewall open sieve, each the cap drop cloths placed in the tower opened on the board over the hole, the top of the cap has a lid, said separator plate. The separate board depending on the material and the degree of separation of the different open long or scale pilot hole. Each cap open sieve number and pore size, and each floor plate to set the cap number, type, is based on the shape of the lines with the size of the load on the separation of objects, determined by calculation. Cap of the type having a cylindrical, rectangular, trapezoidal, or with a rounded rectangular shape, etc.. The material of the cap can be manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and other materials, depending on the separation medium.

Characteristics: high mass transfer efficiency, processing capacity, anti-jam, low pressure drop, operating flexibility

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