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Tower internals  
Diameter pumping side guide injection trays
release time:2012-10-11  released by:Pingxiang City Jinfeng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd.  attention: 6043

The present utility model relates to a radial side of the ejection guide trays, including the horizontal tray and downcomer plate mounted in the tower shell solid downcomer formed between the plate and the horizontal plate of the downcomer; horizontal trays openedrectangular l stomatal the horizontal trays liter pores position corresponding leg mounting under the mouth of the cross-sectional shape and said rectangular liter pore shape corresponding to the ejection cover; bottom gap left between the ejection cover with horizontal trays; ejectionthe bottom of the cover is open, the spray hood and the flow direction of the two parallel injection plate open the injection holes, the open injection holes perpendicular to the direction of the flow output of a baffle; the upper part of the baffle weldedthe separation plate, the baffle and the bottom surface of the injection plate is flush, but can constitute a gas-liquid passage height difference between the upper end face. The utility model can further improve the processing capacity and mass transfer efficiency of the trays, to prevent the liquid backmixing, to reduce the liquid level gradient, reduce resistance, and having a simple structure, low cost, ease of industrial implementation, etc.

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