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Wear-resistant ceramic rollers
release time:2012-10-06  released by:Pingxiang City Jinfeng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd.  attention: 5741

Performance characteristics and uses
    The wear-resistant ceramic rollers using my rich kaolin china clay experiment by repeatedly recipe, R & D made​​. The product is a new breakthrough in porcelain and steel, plastic applications, high-temperature calcination scientific formula, idlers and updating new products.
    1, corrosion resistance: pH and salt are not corrode it;
    2, hardness: wear resistance;
    3, hermetically sealed: both ends with plastic labyrinth seals, grease does not leak to the scroll axis long-term operation in a hermetically sealed state.
    4, the ceramic surface, forming an oxide film, it is not bonded with any substance, any substance unreactive. Trough roller to clear belt dip matter. Sent on a slope belt force, the resistance is small, the best results. Double idlers can reduce the pressure points of the re-shaped belt idlers, idlers hollow device enables belt dip was itself falling, do not stick the suction roller, could prolong the period of use of idlers.
    5, long service life than steel roller 2-3 times a long time, and can reduce belt wear, belt ran side extend belt life.
    6, high economic efficiency, to reduce the overall cost of the belt conveyor, reduce maintenance man hours.

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