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Washing tower high efficiency packing  
Lightweight ceramic corrugated packing
release time:2012-10-06  released by:Pingxiang City Jinfeng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd.  attention: 6583

The lightweight ceramic corrugated packing is a new structured packing is composed by many with the same geometric shape filler unit has a large surface area through a large amount of small resistance, high efficiency, corrosion resistance, high temperature, operating flexibility,amplification effect is not obvious advantages. Having a good hydrophilicity because of the unique structure of the ceramic, and its surface may be formed on a very thin liquid film of the inclination of turbulence and airflow tortuous passage can promote gas stream but not to stop the airflow, so that the ceramic filler can be comparable with the metal filler, which corrosion resistance, high temperature performance of metallic fillers can not be compared. The surface structure of the ceramic corrugated packing have good wetting properties, make the liquid to accelerate the flow, so that the filler liquid holdup to a minimum, thereby reducing the overheat, polymerization and coked opportunities. Widely used in the chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, gas and other industries in the drying tower, absorption tower, the beginning of the cold tower, regeneration tower.

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