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Ceramic packing series  
Ceramic three maid
release time:2012-10-11  released by:Pingxiang City Jinfeng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd.  attention: 7252

Advantages in three maid is to draw a variety of the customary product (Bauer ring, different saddle rings, ladder rings, etc.) of new filler developed after many experiments, it is by uniformly arranged Labyrinth and two circlestube constitutes a whole, the outer cylinder on the large opening, two-cylinder up and down the bottom open missing. Two cylinder up and down the bottom of the three-maid process reshaping not open missing.

Specific structural features
The structural specificity of conventional products (Pall rings, saddle ring do not have), but arranged symmetrically.
2, the openings opening missing more geometric symmetry, uniform surface distribution.
3, the holes missing large, and more, the fluid flux, reducing gas hydraulic, thereby improving mass transfer efficiency.
4, demanding their formulations, 194-14 ℃ thermal shock secondary does not crack.
5, compared with the conventional filler of the same specifications, three maid to increase the ratio of surface area of more than 30%, the pressure drop decreased by approximately 30%, the gas-liquid flux is increased by 28% or more, decarburization, desulfurization, cooling, drying and other equipment ideal fillers.

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