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Hydrogenation protective agent
release time2012-10-07  released byPingxiang City Jinfeng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd.  attention 5721

With the increasing trends of crude oil becomes heavier, various hydrogenation process with the quality of the raw material is getting worse, the high content of metal impurities and solid salt, these impurities are easily deposited on the top of the reactor through the hydrogenation reactor, so thatThe material is difficult to pass, causing the reactor pressure drop increases and forced to write header processing. To solve these problems, I plant the production of a series of the hydrogenation protection agent, the product AL2O3 carrier attached to the active component, it has: (1) accumulation porosity big, small internal diffusion resistance, high tolerance metal deposition ; moderate specific surface area and large pore volume, large pore size, having a high demetallization activity and moderate desulfurization activity and other characteristics. Series the hydrogenation protection agent to be effective in the removal of various metal impurities in the oil and other solid particles, easy guitar and raw oil coke material moderate hydrogenation to slow the main catalyst poisoning and coking, to avoid the deposition of various metals and solid particles in the top of the reactor.

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