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Into hydrocracking, hydrotreating reactor iron ion content of the feedstock oil is high, and these iron ions generated in the role of hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, iron sulfide, is deposited between the catalyst particles come together, then smaller aggregates bylarger, and finally the formation of iron sulfide "blanket" clogged catalytic reactor at the top of the bed, to make the material difficult to pass, causing the device to excessive pressure forced to shut down the "write head" processing. To solve this problem, I produced the PT Series sulfur iron catalyst.
    Iron sulfur catalyst alumina and a small amount of additives, high temperature foam molding is made, the product has a large aperture, high pore volume, strength, wear resistance, heap proportion of small and suitable specific surface area and cavity spongy cellular characteristics of holes, etc., the top and bottom in the hydrocracking, hydrotreating reactor filled with sulfur iron catalyst the iron naphthenate hydroconversion feedstock oil for the iron sulfide, iron sulfide and then adsorbed in the pores of the catalyst , the amount of iron absorption in the catalyst weight of 20-25% desulfurization performance also has to avoid a catalyst at the top of the bed of iron sulfide produces compaction caused pressure device, and write the header processing, so that the device can be long term operation .

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