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Performance characteristics and uses
    The zeolite is an aluminosilicate microporous crystal, it has a uniform pore size and a high specific surface area, good thermal stability, and strong adsorption performance, large inner surface area, high strength characteristics. Molecular sieve due to the use of different types of sub-molecular sieve 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X, 13X empty, hollow glass molecular sieve, molecular sieve activated powder, carbon molecular sieve.
    The different choices adsorption by molecular size and shape, i.e. only adsorb molecules of less than the zeolite pore diameter. For small polar molecules and unsaturated molecules having a selective adsorption performance, the greater the polarity, the higher the saturation, the stronger selective adsorption. Having strong hygroscopicity, even in the case of the higher temperature, larger airspeed and a lower water content, there is still considerable main absorbent capacity.

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