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Ceramic filters
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Ceramic filter is a fast and efficient filtration equipment, when the clogging of the filter does not affect the normal working conditions, can take advantage of the system filter flushing and high-precision equipment to restore the function of filtration equipment. It has automatic separation, ease of installation, an area of ​​the province;, high temperature, high pressure, acid corrosion; filtering accuracy; thoroughly efficient recoil, long service life; reliable operation, easy maintenance, etc.. It can be widely used in the fields of petrochemical, metallurgy, food, brewing, pharmaceutical, and other solid-liquid separation, gas purification, water treatment, and so on.
    1, high filtration efficiency: degreasing rate of 80-95%, particle size greater than 5um suspended solids removal rate of 90%;
    Regeneration efficiency: a simple gas-liquid fast recoil method can be efficient and rapid regeneration by the clogging of the ceramic filter, ceramic filter long service life;
    , Resistance to chemical corrosion performance is particularly advantageous; resistant to acid, alkali, salt, resistant to most of the organic solvents below 70 ℃, odorless, non-toxic, free of foreign material dissolution;
    4, thermal stability: 200-20 ℃ three of the thermal stability of the filter material does not crack;
    5, filtration precision filtration rate: with microporous media pores average pore diameter, wall thickness, filtration pressure and material parameters and other factors need to be determined through experimental and calculated to correct 5-10m / s filtration rate filtering.

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