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Water Treatment Series  
Porous ceramic filter brick, plate, pipe
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Porous ceramic filter brick, plate, tube composed of uniform countless micropores. When the fluid is passed from these tiny holes, the suspended matter and the colloidal particles, organic molecules are trapped in the surface of the filter medium, the fluid through the microporous channels of various physical effects, to achieve the mechanical sieve purification or diffusion, fluidization.
    Porous ceramic filter brick, plate, pipe corrosion, high temperature, high mechanical strength, no harmful substances Stripping, does not produce secondary pollution in the fluid under pressure, the pore is not deformed, easy to clean, renewable, long service life alternative to cotton, silk fabric, plastic, metal mesh, stone cotton filter media is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, thermal power, cement, pharmaceuticals, paper and other industrial enterprises in environmental protection "three wastes" treatment of the solid-liquid separation , gas-liquid separation, gas filter, and the circulating water filter apparatus.

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