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Ceramic ball series  
Zirconia ceramic ball
release time:2012-10-10  released by:Pingxiang City Jinfeng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd.  attention: 5007

Zirconia ceramic ball has a density, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, coefficient of thermal expansion, high grinding efficiency, low noise, long life, non-staining material advantages. Quality to adapt to a variety of grinding machinery grinding media. Zirconia ceramic is a new type of bearing materials, can be applied to conventional bearings in precision machine tools, high-speed motor, automobile, air conditioners, can also be used in petroleum, chemical, aerospace, marine, and other high-tech fields; may also be based on user requirements production made ​​spool valve body, collar, pipe, plate

項目 單位 指標
化學成分ZrO2+Y2O3含量  %  99.8
密度 g/cm 6.0±0.1
抗壓強度 Mpa 600
維氏硬度 Gpa 12.5-13.0
磨耗率 % 0.05-0.03

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